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Hope comes in small doses
September 15, 2007, 6:07 pm
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This hit the wires early this afternoon:

Court overturns conviction in Jena beating
JENA, La. – A state appeals court Friday tossed out the aggravated battery conviction that could have sent a black teenager to prison for 15 years in last year’s beating of a white classmate in the racially tense Louisiana town of Jena.”

There’s more here:

It seems like few blogs have picked up the news yet. I haven’t got much time for a real post, but it’s good to get the word out.


We are live!
September 15, 2007, 12:01 am
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Welcome to The Queen of Spades, an eponymous experiment in radical blogging.

I am your host, The Queen of Spades. I’m a woman, living in America,¬†and I¬†identify as an anarcha-feminist. On this blog, I will explore anarchist theory and its real-life application, often through a specifically feminist lens. I hope to focus strongly on intersectionality and the role of the individual in creating/destructing the greater social structure.

In less pretentious terms, you’ll find posts here about everything from sustainable food production to the politics of gender expression. It’s gonna be fun, I’m sure.

Please note that I am a totally pseudonymous blogger. For our purposes, “The Queen of Spades” is a fictional character and any details about my “identity” should also be considered fictional. Because personal safety and security should be of the utmost importance for radicals on the Internet, I strongly advise that any anarchist-identified individuals also use pseudonyms online and avoid disclosing any sensitive personal information. I do encourage commenters on this blog to “pick a name” for the purpose of coherent discussion.

After a period of tinkering, The Queen of Spades is officially live. Until I get the whole shebang fully coordinated, it will primarily feature short posts and the occasional “OMG HALP ME, DID I BREAK MY BLAWG” post whenever I accidentally fuck something up. Stay tuned.